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Vehicle Inspections from DEKRA Automotive

Impartial vehicle inspections for the UK Automotive Industry and Motoring Public.

Vehicle Inspections

vehicle inspections for the motoring public

DEKRA Automotive provides various types of vehicle inspections on a national scale to people who are about to buy or have already purchased a vehicle.

find out more about our vehicle inspection services for the motoring public

vehicle inspections for the motoring public

Corporate Services

corporate vehicle inspection services from DEKRA Automotive

DEKRA Automotive is a provider of Corporate services to a broad client base within the Global motor manufacturer, motor retail, fleet, insurance, legal and finance sectors.

find out more about our corporate vehicle inspection services

corporate vehicle inspection services from dekra-expert

About DEKRA Automotive

Find out about DEKRA Automotive

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the leading independent automotive service provision company in the UK.

find out more about DEKRA Automotive

Information about DEKRA Automotive

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What do our customers have to say about our vehicle inspection services...

DEKRA Expert Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection - VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG SE

I am impressed with excellent services I received from all staffs involved. Thank you.

Mr Okikiola

DEKRA Expert Peace Of Mind Vehicle Inspection - Nissan QASHQAI ACENTA

Brilliant Service.

Mr Okikiola

DEKRA Expert High Performance inspection - Porsche Cayman

Absolutely superb job! Booking process was seamless, the inspectors verbal report was excellent and the written report was detailed & comprehensive. This became a fine bargaining tool with the dealer and helped make sure that I was receiving both a sound vehicle and that the price was right! - Highly recommended.

Mr Cantello

DEKRA Expert Peace of Mind - Audi A1

Many thanks for arranging inspection within 48 hours and for the verbal telephone confirmation.

Mr O'Brien

DEKRA Expert Comprehensive - Kia Sportage XS

Thanks yet again an amazing report and amazing customer service.

Mr Ellis

DEKRA Expert Comprehensive - Nissan Qashqai

Fantastic feedback from the inspector. Very thorough and professional.

Mr O Hare

DEKRA Expert - Comprehensive - BMW 116

I was unable to view the vehicle personally, so your prompt inspection (at reasonable cost) was extremely helpful and the engineer quick to make telephone contact with his findings. Thank you.

Mrs Drummond

DEKRA Expert - Comprehensive - BMW 520

Call handler very professional and efficient. Engineer second to none; saved me a boat load of money would have no hesitation of recommending your company. Thank you.

Mr Lamb

DEKRA Comprehensive - Jaguar XF S

The whole process was carried out with efficiency. The Engineer was very thorough and helpful. Thank you.

Mr Evans

DEKRA Expert Engineers Report

On 19/10/16 I instructed you to attend this Vehicle to carry out an inspection. I called your office to advise its an urgent case and I was advised it will be Tuesday morning at the earliest. I just received the completed report. This is a great example of OUTSTANDING service! Your assistance and efforts here have been very much appreciated.

Mr A Bashir

DEKRA Expert High Performance inspection - Maserati Quattroporte

Excellent service


DEKRA Comprehensive - BMW 3 series

Hi, I received a call from the inspector who gave me a very detailed report over the telephone and then got an email early the following day with full details. He was very professional in the way he conducted himself on the telephone. If I am purchasing a car outside Ireland again I will be using Dekra.

Mr Flanagan

DEKRA Expert Comprehensive - Volkswagen Golf

Its nice that the engineer is able to take a view on a vehicle by telephone.


DEKRA Expert Peace of Mind - Ford Focus

Thank you again DEKRA, a first class service, and courteous staff throughout!

Mr Wright

DEKRA Expert Engineers Report - Citroen Berlingo

Thanks for the inspection good job.

J Storey

DEKRA Expert Comprehensive - Skoda Octavia

In reverse chronological order of my meeting your staff, the engineer was brilliant. He impressed me with his clear explanations and his seemingly inexhaustive knowledge of his work which was imparted in a friendly, informative and concise manner. Your telephone booking woman was equally efficient, informative and friendly answering many of my questions without me even having to ask them.

Mr Toohey

DEKRA Expert Comprehensive - Mazda 6

The report highlighted clear the main findings.

Mr Kanuritch

DEKRA Expert Comprehensive - BMW 5 series

Very thorough as always and good clear report from inspector, good telephone manner.


DEKRA Expert Engineers Report - Land Rover Discovery

With much thanks to DEKRA I have received a refund on the vehicle I bought earlier in the year. The report proved that the chassis would not have been roadworthy at point of sale. Without the DEKRA inspection, I think I would have had little chance of proving my case.

Mr Blezard

DEKRA Expert - Comprehensive - VW Caravelle

Very pleased with the service.

Mr Connor-Boyd

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Buying a used car always calls for vehicle inspection and when experts in the field do the job, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. When a professional company like DEKRA conducts your vehicle inspections, there is no need to have apprehensions and worries. Once the vehicle inspections are complete, you will be given a complete report about the vehicle. The pre purchase inspection will also help you to decide whether you want to buy the vehicle or not. The main purpose of pre purchase inspection is to point out areas of fault in the vehicle. Once the pre purchase inspections are complete, you can decide whether you want to buy the vehicle.

Usually vehicle inspections are performed at the dealership that is selling the car or at the home of an individual who is selling the car. The pre purchase inspection is done at the convenience of mainly three parties; the buyer, the owner and the staff from DEKRA. These pre purchase inspections are done so that there will be no unforeseen problems later on. Even if you know something about cars and other automobiles, you may not know how to do proper pre purchase inspections. A professional will zero in on a defect the moment he comes for car inspections. They are trained to do that. If you want to do a pre purchase inspection yourself, you will have to drive the car for some time and listen to the engine, the sounds coming from the engine and so on. You may not be able to pinpoint a problem when you do a car inspection yourself.

However, a complete professional may well not even have to drive the car during car inspections. They will know whether the car is road worthy during the initial stages of the car inspection. You might be able to check the interiors of the vehicle during pre purchase inspections. When buying a used car, a vehicle inspection will reveal whether or not car has been in an accident. The professional, during a vehicle inspection will know it instantly.

If you are particular about the tidiness of the interior, the cushions and the upholstery you can take a note of these during vehicle inspections.

Competent professionals at DEKRA also do van inspections. Since commercial businesses need van inspections done, they conduct a thorough check on the vehicle and state whether the van is fit to be on the road or not. So when you are thinking about getting vans to transport your products, packages or service equipment, get your van inspections done by DEKRA. Van inspections can leave you with peace of mind. Check the security features of the vehicle during van inspection. The reports submitted by the company during van inspection are complete and reliable. In fact, they will give you tips on how to maintain the van once the van inspection is over. To ensure complete service, the company does a 150-point inspection during a van inspection.

Having a safe reliable car at your disposal is always an asset, so doing car inspections is necessary. To get an engineer’s report for the car inspections done, you will have to pay a substantial fee. However, the amount is not huge when you think of the risk you might take if you buy a car without a car inspection. The report from a car inspection will tell you what you can expect from a particular car. DEKRA will also check for scratches, bumps and cracks during a vehicle inspection.